List of the political prisoners in 2010 year

1. Arastovich Aliaksandr

Born on 9 December 1952 in the town of Slutsk. Graduate of Belarusian Polytechnic Institute and postgraduate course in then Czechoslovakia. Worked as a university professor for 27 years. At present, he is an employee of a private company. In 1992-2005 – member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party. In 2001 elected deputy chair of […]

2. Atroszczankau Aliaksandr

Born on 22 March, 1981 in Minsk. Former student of the Foreign Relations Faculty of the Belarusian State University, expelled for political activities and his cooperation with Aliaksandr Kazulin. In 2001-2006 he was a member of Zubr organization, taking part in its events, repeatedly detained by the police. In 2000, during the Freedom Day rally […]

3. Bandarenka Zmicer

Zmicer Bandarenka was born on 28 September 1963 in Minsk. Zmicer is a civic activist and a supporter of the Belarusian Association of Journalists. He was born in Minsk on September 28, 1963, and graduated from the Physical Education Institute in 1984. In 1995-1996 he worked for an independent radio 101.2 FM that was shut […]

4. Breus Artyom

Born on 5 August 1983 in Estonia, where he is currently registered by the local consular section of the Russian Federation embassy as a Russian citizen. He spent his childhood in Estonia, he graduated from high school in Tallinn and then from the Tallinn European Universit. Until his arrest he lived in Minsk, Belarus. His […]

5. Bulanau Dzmitry

Born on 25 August 1984 in Minsk. Graduate of a medical college, he worked in a hospital, has profound interest in music. He studied also at the Institute of Contemporary Knowledge, majoring in Art. He has never been engaged in politics. Chronicle of repression Detained and beaten up (head injury) during the dispersal of the […]

6. Chalip Irina

Born on 12 November 1976 in Minsk. Personal correspondent of Russian Novaya Gazeta in Belarus. Former deputy editor-in-chief of Belaruskaya Delovaya Gazeta and editor-in-chief of Imya weekly, which was closed down by the authorities. Repeatedly prosecuted for her journalist activities. In April 1997, Irina, together with her father, screenwriter and documentarian Uladzimir Chalip, was badly […]

7. Dashkievich Nasta

Nasta Dashkievich née Palazhanka was born on 2 August 1990 in Minsk. Deputy chair of the Young Front, a nation-oriented democratic youth organization. Attended Schools no. 73 and 37 in Minsk. In 2008 she entered the Philosophy and Political Studies Faculty of the European Humanities University. Nasta has been repeatedly subjected to harassment by the authorities, nevertheless […]

8. Dashkievich Zmicer

Zmitser was born on 20 July 1981 in the village of Kushnery, Ivatsevichy district, Brest region. As a child, Zmitser lived in Magadan in Russia, later his family moved to the town of Staryja Darohi, Belarus. 

9. Dziadok Mikalay

Mikalay Dziadok was born on 23 August 1988 in Bragin. He graduated from law at the Belarusian State University. He worked at a collection agency. At the time of arrest he was a sophomore of Political Science and European Research Studies at the European Humanities University. After the arrest in September 2010, Mikalay Dziadok was […]

10. Dzmitryeu Andrej

Born on 12 May 1981 in Minsk, studied at the philosophical faculty of the European Humanities University. Served in the army in 2000-2001. A member of the United Civil Party since 2001. Has taken part in the electoral campaigns since 1999. In the course of time he advanced from a volunteer to the head of […]

11. Fedarkevich Aleh

Aleh Fedarkevich was born in 1961. He is a construction worker. He worked in a construction company in his hometown. In the 90’s for a time he was a member of The Belarusian Popular Front. Chronicle of repression He participated in the actions of protest in Minsk on 19 December 2010. He was arrested during […]

12. Fieduta Aliaksandr

Born on 3 November 1964 in Hrodno. Belarusian author, literary critic and member of the Belarus PEN. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the Russian State University in Hrodno (1986). In 1986-1991 he worked as a teacher of Russian language and Russian literature at school No. 20 in Hrodno. In 1991, he decided […]

13. Frantskievich Aliaksandr

Born on 6 May 1990 in Novopolotsk. After graduating high school he worked as an IT programmer. Later he moved to Minsk, where he began to work. He was interested in the history of political parties. In his hometown he joined the anti-fascist movement, in Minsk he  became friends with anarchists, with whom he shared […]

14. Hamichenka Uladzimir

Born on 1986. He was brought up in an orphanage and educated at boarding school in the town of Rudzensk, Minsk region. Graduate of Slutsk agricultural college. Not affiliated with any political movements. Chronicle of repression Repeatedly convicted of administrative offences and twice convicted of criminal offences. On 6 December 2010, he was freed on […]

15. Hrybkou Arciom

Born on 6 January 1989 in the village of Savashy, Hrodna region.  He studied in the Minsk College of Light Industry. But he was always interested in theater, literature and art. He also finished a vocational school in Karelichy. He moved to Minsk, where he worked as a loader and pressman. Chronicle of repression On […]

16. Haponau Ivan

Born on 27 April 1988. Russian citizen, has a Belarusian residence permit, residing in Belarus since 1995. His mother Sabira Atakishiyeva was born in Kyrgyzstan, his father is of Russian origin. Ivan finished school in Belarus and speaks Belarusian fluently. Ivan studied on the Odessa University. Chronicle of repression Ivan Haponau participated in the 19 December […]

17. Jaromienak Uladzimir

Born on 4 September 1990 in the town of Miyory. Student of the  Belarusian State University at the Faculty of Informatics and Radioelectronics. Member of the Young Front movement and activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD). Participated in the 19 December events. Chronicle of repression Detained after 19 December 2010 rally. Sentenced to 15 […]

18. Kazak Yury

Yury is an activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party from Navahrudak. Chronicle of repression On 12 November 2009 Yury Kazak was summoned for hearing in the criminal proceedings brought in connection with the event that occured on the anniversary of the October Revolution in Navahrudak. On 7 November the monument of Vladimir Lenin on […]

19. Klaskouski Aliaksandr

Born on 26 September 1978. Finished Minsk school No. 55 and entered the Faculty of Journalism of the Belarusian State University, later received a diploma in law. In 1999, he returned from military service and married a girl from the town of Bialynichy, Mahiliou region. They have three children. In 1999, he got employed as […]

20. Kobiec Uladzimir

Born in 1971. In 1989  he graduated from the Geography Department at the  Belarusian State University. Former employer of the Minsk Regional Institute of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus. In 2000, he graduated from the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President […]

21. Korban Aleh

Born on 4 February 1985. A member of the National Committee of the United Civil Party and a chair of the Minsk city organization of the Yound Democrats, the UCP youth wing. During the presidential election 2010 he was a member of the electoral campaign of Jaroslau Ramanchuk. Chronicle of repression In 2007, as a member […]

22. Liabedzka Anatol

Born on 27 June 1961 in the village of Tryles. Worked as a mechanizer on a collective farm in his district. Then he entered the Faculty of French and History of Minsk Pedagogic University, graduating in 1985. Between 1985 and 1987 Anatol served in the Soviet Army. Then he worked as deputy head of the […]

23. Likhavid Mikita

Born on 27 May 1990 in Minsk. Former student of the Faculty of Law at Minsk Institute of Management. His studies were suspended after the 19 December events. Activist of the For Freedom movement. Chronicle of repression Mikita was detained on 19 December 2010 on the Independence Square in Minsk and sentenced to 15 days […]

24. Lobau Eduard

The Young Front movement activist. Born 1 December 1988 in Vilnius. In his teens Eduard decided to pursue a military career. He was interested in military literature and practiced sports. Served in the special unit of Vitebsk paratroops. After leaving the army, Eduard became chair of the Young Front Minsk office. Chronicle of repression On […]

25. Malchanau Aliaksandr

Born on 22 June 1988 in Borisov. Former member of the Zubr youth opposition movement. His mother was reportedly dismissed from work for her son’s political activity. He studied at the Minsk International Humanities and Economics Institute. He was relegated from the Institute for his political activity. Chronicle of repression Aliaksandr was detained on 6 […]

26. Marcalieu Siarhiej

Siarhiej was born 29 April 1977 in Minsk in a family of scientists. He is a grandson of Stanislav Marcalieu, director of the Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore of the Academy of Sciences. After  graduating high school he studied at the Faculty of International Relations at the Belarusian State University, he was expelled for political […]

27. Mikhalevich Ales

Born on 15 May 1975 in Minsk in the family of scientists. In 1997, he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Belarusian State University. During his studies, he was a head of the Association of Belarusian Students. Attended the internship courses at the Warsaw University as well as at the Oxford University. Since […]

28. Novik Zmicer

Born on 16 September 1981 in Baranovichi. He graduated from the high school No. 13, then studied at the Academy of Physical Education in Minsk.  He worked as a security worker in a restaurant, and later in the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Belarus. He was never interested in politics. Chronicle of repression […]

29. Parfiankou Vasil

He was born on 30 August 1983 in Minsk, finished 9 classes of the Minsk school No. 163. He worked as a locksmith. He was an activist of the unregistered Belarusian Freedom Party. Actively participated in the defense of Kuropaty in 2002. He took part in protest actions of the Young Front and Zubr youth movement. […]

30. Paulau Anatol

Chair of the Minsk city organization of the United Civil Party (UCP), member of its Political and National councils. Born on 18 June 1949 in the town of Vyborg in the Leningrad region, in the family of a military officer. He spent a part of his childhood at the Novaya Zemlya. Has lived in Minsk […]

31. Radzina Natalia

Journalist of the Charter-97 web-site. Born on 3 May 1979 in the town of Kobryn in the family of an officer. She has worked with various independent periodicals – Imya, Narodnaya Volia, Naviny, Nasha Svaboda. Repeatedly arrested and beaten during opposition rallies. On 16 March 2010 she was beaten during the search at the Charter-97 […]

32. Razumov Mikalay

Mikalay Razumov – a resident of Orsha, one of the leaders of the Orsha Strike Committee in the first half of the 90’s, which organized mass protests of workers.

33. Rymasheuski Vital

Born on 3 March 1975. A Construction engineer, graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University in 1997. In 1999 he studied at the High State Management School at the Union of Public Management in Germany, where he did research on the economical and political situation of Germany. Professionally involved in politics since 1996. Has been a member […]

34. Sannikau Andrej

Andrej Sannikau was born on 8 March 1954. He is a Belarusian politician and activist. He co-founded the civil action Charter 97 and is a coordinator of the European Belarus campaign. Sannikau was a candidate at the 2010 presidential election in Belarus.

35. Sieviaryniets Pavel

Born on 30 December 1976 in Orsha. He graduated from the Geography Faculty of the Belarusian State University.In 1995 Paval Sieviaryniets joined the Belarusian Popular Front. In February 1997 he became leader of the Minsk youth fraction of the organization. In September 1997 he became one of the founders of Malady Front. From 1994 till 1999 […]

36. Statkevich Mikola

Born on 12 August 1956 in the village Ladno, Slutsk region, in the district of Minsk in Belarus. In 1978 he graduated from the College of Engineering, with the title of Radio-electronics engineer. From 1978-1982 he served in the Red Army in Murmansk in the north perimeter of the USSR. There he became a member […]

37. Vasilevich Ilya

Born on 6 August 1991 in Baranavichy. Former student of the Minsk Polytechnic College. Chronicle of repression He served 10 days of arrest for participation in the 19 December. He was expelled from College. Detained by the KGB as a suspect in the mass riots case and taken to the Okrestina Street detention center, later […]

38. Vazniak Siarhiej

Siarhej is a civil activist and a member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists. He is one of the founders of the Party of Communist of Belarus (they were renamed in 2009 and became the Belarusian United Left Party ‘Fair World’ in 2009). During the 2010 presidential election he worked as a member of Uladzimir Niklajeu’s […]

39. Vinogradov Pavel

Born on 24 April 1988 in Minsk. Graduate of  a vocational school. epeatedly detained by the militia for his political activity. Former activist of the European Belarus campaign. In 2007 he was sentenced to 5 days of arrest. In 2008 Pavel was one of the defendants in the Case of 14 and was sentenced to […]