Alaksiej Yanusheuski

Alaksiej Yanusheuski together with Nasta Palazhanka (Dashkievich), Zmicer Hvedaruk, Aleh Korban and Borys Gorieckij were arrested in so called the Young Front case. He was born on 29 May 1987. He graduated from high school No. 200 in Minsk. He studied at the Belarusian State Pedagogical University at the Faculty of Philology and Culture. He was expelled from the University for the engagement in the Young Front’ activities and participation in the actions of the Belarusian opposition. Currently he is a student of Slavic studies at the Vilnius Pedagogical University. He is interested in Belarusian history and culture.

Chronicle of repression

Alaksiej took part in many of the street actions organized by the opposition. He was detained a number of times by the KGB officers and militia. He joined the Young Front in 2004. In early 2006, he was a suspect in a criminal case concerning another activist of the Young Front, Artur Finkievich. He spent then several days in jail.

Criminal case against the activists of the Young Front was launched on 4 February 2007. They were charged under the article 193, part 1 (acting on behalf of unregistered organization). The authorities arrested a number of the Young Front activist during their meeting in a private apartment in Minsk.

The judge fined Alaksiej Yanushevski, Zmicer Hvedaruk, Aleh Korban and Borys Gorieckij and imposed the court warning to Nasta Palazhanka (Dashkievich). The accusation was based on materials seized during the search, as well as on recordings of telephone conversations and records from meetings of the members of the organization, which took place on 29 September 2006, and on 25th and 29th of January and 1st and 4th of February 2007.  According to the indictment, the aim of the Young Front was to seize power by organizing mass actions. The trial began on 28 May 2007 in Minsk.

On 29 May 2007, the court sentenced Alaksiej to a fine of 30 minimal wages (930,000 BYR). The sentence was delivered by judge Ruslan Aniskevich.

In September 2007, Alaksiej together with the painter Ales Pushkin was sentenced to seven days of administrative detention for stealing the state flag from militia station.

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