The Young Front case. Person(s) involved:

1. Alaksiej Yanusheuski

Alaksiej Yanusheuski together with Nasta Palazhanka (Dashkievich), Zmicer Hvedaruk, Aleh Korban and Borys Gorieckij were arrested in so called the Young Front case. He was born on 29 May 1987. He graduated from high school No. 200 in Minsk. He studied at the Belarusian State Pedagogical University at the Faculty of Philology and Culture. He was […]

2. Borys Gorieckij

Borys Gorieckij is a Belarusian independent journalist and social activist. Born on 13 September 1987 in Minsk. He graduated from high school No. 121. He studied at the University of Technology at the Faculty of microelectronics. He was expelled from the University for participation in the opposition protests before the 2006 presidential elections. Later he […]

3. Ivan Shyla

Born on 25 November 1990 in Salihorsk.  

4. Jaroslau Hryshchenia

Jaroslau Hryshchenia is a young activist of the unregistered organization Young Front. For participation in the actions of the opposition was repeatedly detained and sentenced to administrative detention. Chronicle of repression He was accused under the article 193 of the Criminal Code (acting on behalf of an unregistered organization). The prosecutor of Baranavichy, senior justice advisor Aliaksandr […]

5. Katsiaryna Salauyova

Katsiaryna Salauyova is the member of  the Young Front. She was born in 1988 in Wiesprem (Hungary), on the shores of Lake Balaton, in a military family. In the early 90’s, her family moved to the city Lepiel in the Vitebsk region, Belarus. She began her studies at the Faculty of Political Science at the […]

6. Nasta Azarka

A Belarusian poet and social activist. One of the people detained in “the case of the Young Front”. In 2004, recognized by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience. She was born on 4 December 1981 in the village Kvache. She graduated from high school No. 4 in Nesvizh and the Nesvizh Pedagogical State College, […]

7. Nasta Dashkievich

Nasta Dashkievich née Palazhanka was born on 2 August 1990 in Minsk. Deputy chair of the Young Front, a nation-oriented democratic youth organization. Attended Schools no. 73 and 37 in Minsk. In 2008 she entered the Philosophy and Political Studies Faculty of the European Humanities University. Nasta has been repeatedly subjected to harassment by the authorities, nevertheless […]

8. Siarhiej Lisichenok

A member of the Young Front organization. Chronicle of repression On 20 September 2006, Siarhiej was summoned to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus for a hearing considering the article 193, part 1 of the Criminal Code (acting on behalf of an unregistered organization).The criminal case was initiated in March 2006. Siarhiej had received […]

9. Siarhiej Marchyk

Siarhiej Marchyk is a young opposition activist from Baranavichy, a member of the Young Front. Chronicle of repression On 10 April 2006 the KGB in Baranovichy brought a criminal case under the article 193 part 1 (acting on behalf of an unregistered organization) against Siarhiej Marchyk. On 13 April the flats of Siarhiej Marchyk and the […]

10. Zmicer Dashkievich

Zmitser was born on 20 July 1981 in the village of Kushnery, Ivatsevichy district, Brest region. As a child, Zmitser lived in Magadan in Russia, later his family moved to the town of Staryja Darohi, Belarus. 

11. Zmicer Hvedaruk

Zmicer Hvedaruk together with Nasta Dashkievich (Palazhanka), Aliaksiej Yanusheuski, Aleh Korban and Borys Gorieckij were arrested in so called the Young Front case. He was born on 5 March 1988. He graduated from high school No. 11 in Minsk. He played professional football. He is interested in Belarusian history and culture. He actively participated in […]