Siarhiej Liashkievich

Siargey Liashkievich  was born on 13 September 1978 in Lida. He graduated from the State University of Agriculture in Grodno. From 1977 he was a member of the Belarusian Popular Front. During the 2006 presidential elections, he was the head of the initiative group of presidential candidate Aliaksandr Milinkevich in Szczucin. He graduated from the European Humanities University where he studied political science.

Chronicle of repression

On 2 March 2006 in Szczucin the authorities conducted  revisions in the homes of local activists: Vasil Biezmien and Siarhiej Liashkievich. The officers seized computer storage media, personal papers and several publications. On 14 March 2006, five days before the presidential election, Siarhiej  Liashkievich was arrested and charged under the article 293, part 3 of the Criminal Code (preparing mass riot). He was remanded in custody in Szczucin.

During the trial, testimony against him filed people who were strangers to Siarhiej (among them Aliaksandr Burdiej – tried three times, he was in jail for theft of property). According to their testimony, Liashkievich organized shows of training movies, which thought how to resist the militia officers during the mass riots (they were stills from Yuri Chashchavatski’s documentary An Ordinary President). On 29 May the court in Szczucin sentenced Siarhiej  to five months in prison. On 27 July 2006, after serving the full sentence, Siarhiej  Liashkievich was released from prison in Glubokoje.



Other political prisoners