Pavel Krasouski

Pavel Krasouski was born in 1983. He is a resident of Zhodino.

Chronicle of repression

In 2006, Pavel was charged under the article 369 of the Criminal Code (insulting public officials). He was persecuted for publishing satirical cartoons of the representatives of the city authorities of Zhodino. Caricatures were found during the search conducted in the apartment of Krasouski in December 2005. The case had been withdrawn, but the young activist was further harassed by the authorities.

On 4 October 2006 a search was held in his apartment in Zhodzino. Pavel Krasouski was arrested a day later on suspicion of organizing a series of blasts in Vitebsk in autumn 2005. During the search, his computer, CDs and printed materials were confiscated. Investigators claimed that Pavel Krasouski resembles a criminal, who had organized blasts. The activist has spent 10 days in a remand prison in Vitebsk. On 11 October 2006 the senior investigator of the Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus Aliaksandr Rassolka has ruled to recognize young activist Pavel Krasouski a suspect in a criminal case concerning rapes and murders of several girls in 1999 in Belarus. On 15 October, Pavel was freed from rape and murder charges due to lack of evidence.

On 1 February 2011 Krasouski was called by the KGB for questioning concerning 19 December 2010 events.

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