Yury Radziwil

Yury Radziwil was Aliaksandr Kazulin’s campaign staff member.

Chronicle of repression

On 2 March 2006 Yury Radziwil was driving a car of candidate for president of the Republic of Belarus, Aliaksandr Kozulin when he was arrested by officers in plain clothes. A car driven by Yury, from which he filmed the mass detention and beatings of journalists and ordinary citizens in Minsk, was shot by officers of  the Almaz special group of the Belarusian Interior Ministry (commanded by Colonel Nikolai Karpienkov).

Yury Radziwil sent to the Minsk Prosecutor’s Office, Mr. Kulik, a statement requesting the initiation of a criminal case against the people who have used firearms against him. The prosecutor, however, decided to initiate a criminal case against Yury. Radziwil was charged under the article 363, part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (resisting militia officers). During the investigation he was held in one of Minsk prisons. On 18 May 2006 Yury Radziwil was sentenced by the court in Minsk to three months in jail. He was released on 2 June after serving the sentence.

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