Vadim Lohinau

Vadim Lohinau is a civil activist from Grodno.

Chronicle of repression

In January 2006 the criminal case against Grodno residents Alaksiej Kryvincoj and Vadim Lohinau was brought about by lieutenant-colonel A. Zinovik, head of the Grodno militia department. They were accused under the article 341 of the Criminal Code (damage to property) for graffiti against the pro-governmental NGO, the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM). According to the calculations of senior police lieutenant D. Shkulepa the material harm done by the defendants was worth 51,420 BYR and 300,000 BYR. The Grodna court sentenced them to fines. On 9 January 2007, the court in Grodno sentenced Vadim Lohinau to a fine of 30 minimal wages (930.000 BYR).


Cases, concerning this person:

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