Sergiej Potapov

A citizen of Ukraine, participant of the Chernobyl Path in 1996, an annual demonstration that takes place in commemoration of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Member of the UNA-UNSO (Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian National Self Defence).

Chronicle of repression

Sergiej  was detained by militia officers in plain clothes in the center of Minsk on 26 April 1996, during the Chernobyl Path. During the march, the militia did not allow people to walk on the main street of the Belarusian capital, which on several occasions lead to fights between the participants of the march and officers. He was kept in the Minsk detention center (the Volodarka prison). During the trial Potapov, said that he came to Minsk in order to take part in the Chernobyl Path and support Belarusian opposition. At the end of August 1996 Minsk court sentenced him to two years and three months of imprisonment in a penal colony in Mahilou. He was released on parole in Autumn 1997.

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