Oksana Novikova

Oksana Novikova is a private entrepreneur from Minsk, and a social activist. She was born in 1973 in the village Klypowshchina. She was living in France for one and a half year, where in 2001 she gave birth to her daughter Rijanna. Oksana Novikova is often compared to the Soviet dissidents.

Chronicle of repression 

On 17 October 2002 Oksana Novikova distributed on the October Square leaflets of her own production. On the leaflets Oksana accused Lukashenko of abducting citizens. Oksana was detained for 24 hours and released on 18 October. On 4 April 2003 the Central District Court of Minsk found Oksana Novikova guilty of committing a crime under the article 367, part 2 of the Criminal Code (insult of the President of the Republic of Belarus). The criminal case was opened by Maksim Podieriej, the investigator from the persecutor’s office. Oksana was sentenced to two years of jail with a two year suspension of punishment. Despite the sentence Oksana Novikova continued to participate in street protest actions. She organized two other pickets and incurred administrative responsibility for that. For violations of the Administrative Code, Oksana Novikova was facing imprisonment in a penal colony, but the authorities took into account the fact that she had a small child.

In 2004 Oksana became a member of the United Civic Party.

The day before the Victory Day in 2006, Oksana Novikova hung in front of her home in Minsk a poster with the inscription in Russian “Freedom for political prisoners”. This poster hung for a week in a very conspicuous place.



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