Hleb Dohil

Hleb Dohil – one of the four young men accused of participation in the March of Freedom, a large opposition march, which took place on 17 October 1999 in Minsk. During the march demonstrators several times clashed with militia and internal troops. Four activists were accused of throwing stones in direction of officers.

At the time of arrest Hleb Dohil was 20 years old, was a history student at the Belarusian State University.

Chronicle of repression

Hleb Dohil was arrested along with Herman Sushkevich and Andrej Volobujeu near the Victory Square  metro station. The three were taken to a militia station, from where Hleb was transferred to Minsk custody suite. He spent there three days and was transferred to the Volodarka prison. On 27 October he was accused under the  article 186, part 3 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus and was sentenced to imprisonment, he was facing the possibility of an actual jail sentence of up to five years in prison. Soon after, the sentence was changed to the ban on leaving the place of residence.

Dohil left Belarus and became a political refugee, he was given political asylum in Poland. He began his studies at a Polish university.

The trial of Dohil and other participants of the March of Freedom started on 12 December 2001. On 2 January 2002 Hleb Dohil was found guilty of charges and sentenced to a fine of 50 minimum wages.

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