Dzmitry Daronin

A resident of Minsk. Born on 19 April 1982. He graduated from a vocational school, was interested in computer science. He worked as a locksmith in the Minsk Motor Plant. He grew up in a large family. His father has the 1st group of disability, therefore Dzmitry was the main breadwinner in the family and helped his mother in the upbringing of the younger children. He was never involved in politics.

Chronicle of repression

Dzmitry Daronin was arrested on 14 March 2011, in his workplace. He was detained in the Okrestina prison in Minsk. On 22 March 2011 he was charged under the article 293 of the Criminal Code (mass riots). Then he was transferred to the Minsk detention center, the Volodarka prison. On 12 May 2011, the court in Minsk sentenced him to three and a half years of imprisonment in a maximum security penal colony. He served his sentence in the penal colony Witba-3 near Vitebsk. After the sentence has gained legal force Doronin was fired from the plant where he worked. On 1 September 2011, he was pardoned by Aliaksandr Lukashenko.

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