Mother of Andrej Hajdukow: Andrej would have never written that in such a stupid and incoherent way

Mother of Andrej Hajdukow, sentenced for an attempt to establish cooperation with a foreign intelligence, commented on the „Salidarnaść” newspaper’s page a letter allegedly coming from her son in which he was offering CIA the proposal of cooperation.

-When I read the article with a letter that was supposedly sketched by my son, at first I felt a terrible anger and rage, and then I started to laugh .– said Wolga Hajdukowa.-Looking at that mixture of english and russian, I realized that the authors of that letter didn’t even check what foreign language my son had learnt.At school and university he learnt German.English he doesn not know at all.

Mother of the would-be spy is really surprised how much hate in the words of the article’s author was:-It was quite as if Andrej had pinched his girlfriend – so much bile,lies and grime- wondered the ‘Solidarność’ interlocutor. – ‘A man is reading and surprised;’God,Andrej would have never written that in such a stupid and incoherent way.Evidently long they must have  ‘given birth’ to that text. If it was my son who had written that letter I cannot even imagine which of his friends would have passed it.

Andrej’s loved ones are linking the publication of the disgraceful article with the upcoming date for an appeal against the judgment(its reconsideration is planned on 27th August in the Supreme Court ).

However an action for libel against the author of the article is not planned.

-We must deal with what we have. Let Andrej return home quickly.And to contacts with that individual we should not lower ourselves – summarized  Wolga Hajdukowa.

Let’s remind that 1st June the opposition activist Andrej Hajdukow was found guilty of attempted contacts with foreign intelligence and sentenced for 1,5 year of penal colony. The judgment was issued by the district court in Witebsk in a closed session.


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