Former political prisoner Sergei Kavalenka enters a Polish university

“So far it is too early to talk about it. I plan to enter a Polish university, but it’s possible that I will wait with the decision, “- said Sergei in an interview with Nasha Niva’s correspondent. Currently, he is not sure where he would like to study.

“Before, I studied at the polytechnic. We learned about programming and I liked that. This means that the computer is my “friend.” Would do well to have a university degree. As my friends say, it is useful in politics” – Said Mr. Kavalenka.

In February 2012, Sergei Kavalenka was sentenced to two years in prison colony for evading compliance with the principles of non-custodial facility of open type (so-called “chemistry”). He was sentenced to”chemistry” for displaying white-red-white flags in Vitebsk. Shortly after the arrest, he announced hunger strike, which he continued for two months with few interruptions. In June he wrote a request for clemency. He was released in late September. The prisoner has a 9 – year-old son and 2 year old daughter.

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