Evgeni Suvorou

Chronicle of repression

Evgeni Suvorou was arrested by militia officers on 14 February 2006 in Mahilou for displaying a banner with the slogan calling for participation in the Day of Belarusian Solidarity. At first, he was charged with violation of the article 156 of the Administrative Code (petty hooliganism). Then Evgeni Suvorou was charged under the article 435, part 1 of the Criminal Code (evading military service). It was obviously just an excuse to imprison a young man engaged in political activities. This is confirmed by the fact that the draft board stated that Suvorou is not suitable for the service because of serious problems with his eyesight. During the investigation, Suvorou was in militia custody in Mahilou. Ultimately, the court sentenced him to a fine of 20 minimal wages.

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