Siarhiej Huminski

Siarhiej Huminski is the Young Front activist from Orsha.

Chronicle of repression

In January 2007 in Orsha the militia detained a youth activist Siarhiej Huminski on suspicion of having made a political graffiti. During an interrogation at the Orsha city militia department the militiamen beat him because he was speaking Belarusian.

On 22 January Siarhiej Huminski was handed a ruling that he was suspected in violation of the article 341 of the Criminal Code (damage to property). Three days later the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

On July 2011 the Orsha Town Military Enlistment Office sent him a paper, according to which he was banned to travel abroad. The official reason was that he hadn’t allegedly passed all necessary documents to the military enlistment office. Siarhiej Huminski claimed it was not true. At that time Siarhiej studied at one of the Polish universities.

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