Eduard Babaryka

Eduard Babaryka is the head of the initiative group for collecting signatures for the nomination of Viktar Babaryka as a presidential candidate, in addition, the son of Viktar Babaryka. Businessman. Founder of the “Uley” crowdfunding platform and co-founder of the MolaMola platform. “Beehive” – ​​funds are transferred only if the author managed to interest people so much that they prepaid 100% of the cost of his project. MolaMola is a fundraising platform where you can simply ask for help without being obligated in return; in this case, help comes directly to the author’s bank card. “I know a lot, – Eduard Babaryka said in an interview with – I play musical instruments. I understand mechanics, physics. I can speak, write lyrics, sing, create business models, do marketing. But I am not outstanding, or perhaps outstanding – in balancing. Nature strives for balance, but external factors violate it. I am a product of the same nature and, in theory, should feel organic, maintaining balance and stress, because somewhere something prevails. You look at the inner oscillation: you deviate, you think – you change the balance. And you stay between them.”

Chronicle of the repression

Eduard Babaryka was detained on June 18 along with his father, when he went to the CEC to hand over the collected signatures. The detention was carried out by the Department of Financial Investigations of the State Control Committee. Lawyers were not allowed to see the detainees all day: “exercises” were held in the building of the DFR. On the same day, Eduard Babaryka was placed in the KGB pre-trial detention center, on June 21, Eduard Babaryka was charged under Art. 243 (“Evasion of taxes and duties on an especially large scale”).

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