Dzmitry Us

Dzmitry was born on 10 June, 1971 in Minsk. He graduated from the Juridical Faculty of the Hrodna State University. Dzmitry worked at the Integral plant in Minsk as a construction worker. He has headed the Trivium publishing house since 1992.

Between 1999 and 2003 Dzmitry was a member of the Minsk City Council. His candidacy wasn’t registered at the elections of 2003 and 2007 but in 2010 he participated in local council elections loosing with only 33% of the vote. He was a presidential candidate at the 2010 election.

Chronicle of repression

Dzmitry was detained in the night of 19 December 2010 in Minsk, after the protest against rigged presidential election. He was kept at the KGB pre-trial prison. On 20 December Dzmitry was released under a written undertaking not to leave Minsk.

On 18 March 2011 Dzmitry was charged under the article 293, part 1 (mass riot). He informed about the intense pressure that was exerted on him during the investigation to testify against Mikola Statkevich, a fellow candidate and friend.

On 26 May the Leninski District Court of Minsk sentenced him to five and a half years in high-security colony. Dzmitry was released on amnesty on 1 October 2011.

Cases, concerning this person:

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