Anton Lazarau

In 1999, Anton Lazarau was 18 years old and worked in Minsk as an assistant trader.

Chronicle of repression

Anton Lazarau was one of the four young men accused of active participation in the Freedom March, a large opposition march, which took place on 17 October 1999 in Minsk. During the march demonstrators several times clashed with militia and internal troops. Four activists were accused of throwing stones in direction of officers. On 21 October Lazarau was brought to the militia station in Minsk. Late in the evening on 22 October Lazarau was taken to the detention center and after he was charged under the article 186 part 3 of the Criminal Code, he was moved to the Volodarka prison. Soon after, the sentence was changed to the ban on leaving the place of residence.

Anton left Belarus and became a political refugee, he was given political asylum in Poland.  The trial of Anton and other participants of the March of Freedom started on 12 December 2001. On 2 January 2002 he was found guilty of hooliganism and sentenced to a fine of 50 minimum wages.



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