Ales Bialiatski thrown to punishment isolation cell

Human rights defender Ales Bialiatski serving his term in Babruysk penal colony №2 was put to a punishment isolation cell shortly before his 50th birthday, Viasna human rights centre reports.
Sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment in a medium-security penal colony, Bialiatski was thrice reprimanded in the period from March to June, 2012 what invokes a punishment of deprivation of the next long-term meeting with relatives (a convict has a right to be visited only two times a year). “On the basis of the three reprimands in June 2012 Ales was adjudged to be flagrant violator of penitentiary regime what closed the door on him being amnestied,” the statement reads.

In August 2012 Bialiatski was twice reprimanded and punished by deprivation of a short-time relatives’ visit food parcel from home.

“The reasons behind taking such measures remain unknown. According to unofficial information, Ales Bialiatski was put to punitive confinement before his jubilee to show permissiveness and deprive Bialiatski of his birthday post,” human rights defenders say.

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