Mikola Dziadok: “I have no intention to do any deals with the authorities”

Radio Racyja’s journalists learned from Mikola Dziadok’s father, Alexander Dziadok, that his son requests from the administration of the colony, in which he is serving sentence, to provide him with medical care. – We have sent Mikola medications. The prison employees gave it to him after 3 months, only after  Mikola’s and our demands and pseudo visits of a doctor who checked his throat and abdomen. My son clearly said that he has no intention to do any deals with the administration of the colony and the authorities – said Alexander.

Mr. Dziadok said that only after writing a complaint his son started to receive  press. – Although Mikola has already spent three months in a solitary confinement , he is holding up very well – tells father of the political prisoner. Recently, the Supreme Court once again rejected the appeal of a political prisoner.

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