Uladzimir Plieshchanka

Uladzimir Plieshchanka – was a member of a Vitebsk branch of the Conservative Christian Party BPF. He was born on 26 June 1948 in the village of Worony in the Vitebsk region. Died on 10 May 2006 of heart disease.

Chronicle of repression 

He was arrested on 2 September 1998 on suspicion of removing the statue of Russian Colonel Suvorov in Vitebsk. He was accused under the article 225 (destruction or damage to objects of cultural and historical value) and the article 87 (theft of property). Later, the prosecution changed the accusation to the article 201 part 2 of the Criminal Code (malicious hooliganism). Uladzimir Plieshchanka had spent almost 8 months in detention facility in Vitebsk. The trial started on 29 March 1999. The case was referred to the additional consideration and Uladzimir Plieshchanka was sentenced to freedom restriction. He was released on 26 March 1999. He spent 267 days behind bars. The court found him not guilty.

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