Eduard Lobau met with the family

The mother and brother of Eduard Lobau, the deputy chairman of the Young Front visited him in a penal colony number 22 “The Wolf Den”, next to the village Domanovo.

The meeting lasted three days, – told the mother of a political prisoner Marina Lobau. She and Eduard’s brother wished himhappy birthday.

“He feels normal, is healthy, everything with him is fine. He asked me to thank all who have made him birthday wishes, sent cards. On the 1st of December he turned 25. At the moment he is learning–since four months he has been learning as an electrowelder. Later, after leaving the colony, he would like to get a higher education, he wants to go to the department of history” – said Marina Lobauto Belarusian radio “Racyja”.
Eduard Lobau was arrested together with the leader of the Young Front Dmitry Dashkevichon the 18th of December 2010. In the fabricated by the special services trial in which they were accused of hooliganism and were sentenced to prison. Dashkievich was sentenced for two years, and Labau for four years of penal colony for top security colony. “So in a few days three years will pass since Eduard is behind the bars. And another year left to his release”, – reminded the prisoner’s mother.


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