Pavel Morozov

Pavel Morozov was one of the suspects in a criminal case concerning the distribution on the Internet of satirical cartoons. The case was initiated in August 2005 by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Minsk. Pavel Morozov at the time was coordinator of the  Third Way civil initiative.

Chronicle of repression

In August 2005 Pavel Morozov was charged under the article 367, part 1 of the Criminal Code (criticizing the honor and dignity of the President of Belarus). Reason for initiating the criminal procedure were satirical cartoons that appeared on the Internet.

KGB agents conducted search in home of Pavel Morozov, and confiscated computer equipment. Soon after he left Belarus, fearing further political persecution.

Andrej Abozau and Aleh Minich who were also accused of publishing a series of satirical cartoons on current Belarusian issues, left Belarus as well.

Cases, concerning this person:

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