Andrej Volobuyev

Andrej Volobuyev participated in the opposition-organized Freedom March held in Minsk on 17 October 1999. At the time of arrest he was 17 years old, as the eldest son in a large family he was working to support his parents financially. A member of the Young Front.

Chronicle of repression

Andrej Volobuyev was arrested together with his friends, other members of the Young Front. Herman Sushkevich and Hleb Dohil were arrested and severely beaten immediately after the Freedom March. Anton Lazarau was arrested a few days later. Andrej was detained for three days in jail before being released. He was charged under the article 186 part 3 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. He received a ban on leaving the place of residence.In March 2000, four activists have managed to flee to Poland, where they have received a political asylum.

In January 2002 the Minsk City Court fined Andrej Volobuyev, Herman Sushkevich, Hleb Dohil and Anton Lazarau to fine of 50 minimal wages each (about $350) for “malicious hooliganism” and “organizing mass disorders.” The prosecution alleged that the defendants threw stones at militia officers during clashes, asking to sentence the boys for up to 5 years in prison.

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