Ales Wieczar

Belarusian scientist, grew up in Minsk, in a family of scientists and biologists. He was friends with the children of the Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Chigir for which, in fact, he was imprisoned.

Chronicle of repression

He was imprisoned in 1996 under fabricated charges of theft of car spare parts. In fact, the investigators changed the status of Ales Wieczar from witness to accused after he under threat of torture refused to give false testimony against his friend from childhood Aliaksandr Chigir, one of the sons of the former Prime Minister of Belarus Mikalay Chigir.

Ales Wieczar spent three years in prison (he was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment). While he was serving his sentence, militia officers organized provocation against his wife, Wiera, who stayed alone at home with a little baby. There were also attempts to seize her family’s apartment. Ales Wieczar was released in 1999 and emigrated to the United States, together with his wife and son. Wieczar tried to continue his research after emigrating from Belarus.

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