Valery Levaneuski's and Aliaksandr Vasiljeu's case. Person(s) involved:

1. Aliaksandr Vasiljeu

Aliaksandr Vasiljeu was born on 18 March 1946 in the village Golicyno in Russia. After completing military school he graduated from the Leningrad Artillery Academy. From 1964 to 1991 he served in the Soviet Army, he ended his service in the rank of lieutenant colonel. He served also in the German Democratic Republic, where he […]

2. Valery Levaneuski

He was born on 15 August 1963 in Grodno. He graduated from a vocational school in Grodno, then studied at the Belarusian Institute for the National Economy. He worked as a locksmith. In 1991 registered as an entrepreneur. Headed Grodno regional union for protection of taxpayers’, consumers’ and drivers’ rights and Grodno consumer protection center.