Ihar Alinievich works in prison but is not getting salary

Father of the political prisoner, Vladimir Alinievich informed that his son is not receiving salary for his work.

– According to the authorities Ihar owns money for the trial even though he pleads not guilty, they take him all money he earns – said Mr. Alinievich.

According to Vladimir, his son has the right to purchase in the prison store products for about 200 000 rubles. What can he buy?

-Sometimes there are fruits, but only in the summer. And, of course, not a wide range. And usually he may buy condensed milk, some cans, biscuits as well as hygienic articles, such as toothpaste – said Mr. Alinievich.

Vladimir Alinievich told that his son has recently sent a letter in which he wrote that nothing has changed at him and everything is as before.

Ihar Alinievich, an anarchist activist, was sentenced to 8 years in penal colony for attacking state buildings. He pleaded not guilty. He serves his sentence in the colony in Novopolotsk.



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