Makey will get right of entry to the EU territory for six months

The report of MEP Justas Paletskis about the situation in Belarus, was amended by other MEPs 300 times. Among the MEPs who have made amendments to the report are: Werner Schulz, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, Paul Smith, Filip Kaczmarek, Jacek Protasewicz, Peter Scestny, Libor Rućek, Eduard Kukan and others. Justas Paletskis, representatives of the Delegation for relations with Belarus and  Jacek Protasiewicz, Vice-President of the European Parliament will evaluated the proposals concerning the report.

Meanwhile, according to vice-president of the EP Jacek Protasewicz, on Thursday, 20 of June,  will take place a meeting with the Belarusian delegation, during which there will be discussion on the possibility of MEPs entering in the territory of Belarus. On Thursday, the embassy of Belarus has decided to grant or refuse visas to MEPs.

The decision to issue visas will also have an impact on the most fundamental question for Belarus, namely visa sanctions imposed on the foreign minister of Belarus Vladimir Makey. Civil society of Belarus urges the European Union not to re-establish relations with Minsk until the release of 11 political prisoners who are now behind bars. Nevertheless, the European parliament has already prepared a resolution to suspend sanctions against Belarusian officials for a period of six months. The case has to be considered in Brussels next week.

Discussions on the matter is scheduled for June 24, and will take place during the meeting of  the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU. According to Mr. Jacek Protasiewicz, suspension of sanctions is necessary, because otherwise the parties will not have the feasibility of direct meetings and discussing problems. The official representatives of Belarus will be also able to attend the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius.

However, Foreign Minister of Belarus Uladzimir Makey denied his participation on May 17th, Krakow, Poland, in a summit of the foreign ministers of both the Visegrad Group and the Eastern Partnership states.



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