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Vadim Kabanchuk

Vadim Kabanchuk

He was born in Bobruisk. In the 90’s he was an activist of the Young Front. He graduated from the Belarusian Polytechnical Academy. On 27 March 1998, he was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for two years.

Chronicle of repression

Vadim Kabanchuk was arrested in 1997 and placed in the Volodarka prison, where he spent six months. Through the use of torture, the authorities attempted to force him to start cooperating with the KGB.

For participation in the actions of the opposition on 10 and 23 March 1997, Kabanchuk was charged under the article 186 part 3 (organization and active participation in group actions, seriously violating public order), and the article 187 part 2 (resisting a militia officer in the performance of his duties).

Vadim Kabanchuk was released on 27 March 1998. After his release, he continued to engage in political activities, and participated in the actions of the opposition. He was several times sentenced to administrative detention. In 2001 he had moved to Belgium, and after a few years came back. During the 2006 presidential election he supported Aliaksandr Milinkevich, and during the 2010 election he was a member of the staff of the presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski. He took part in 19 December 2010 rally. He was arrested and convicted two months after the events on the Independence Square. Vadim was detained on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border on the evening of 13 February 2011, as he was carrying newspapers with information about events in the country after the presidential election. He should have been released on 23 February. But the authorities did not include to the sentence the day of the arrest, when he was being held on militia station in Orsha, and when the officers tried to accuse him of resisting customs officers. Later he was transported to Minsk, to the Okrestina prison. The court sentenced him to 10 days of administrative arrest for participation in the events of 19 December.