Nadzieya Grachukha

Nadzieya Grachukha is an opposition activist from Borisov.

Chronicle of repression

For the first time Nadzieya Grachukha was sentenced in a politically motivated case as a 17-year-old student.

On 14 February 2000 in Minsk court building, she was considered guilty of committing an offense under the article 186, part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (insulting state symbols). On 21 July 1999 during the action of the opposition, organized on the occasion of the termination of 5-year term of President Lukashenko’s presidency. Nadzieya Grachukha burned a red-green flag, embodiment of Lukashenko’s regime. Militiamen filmed the event, and the Minsk prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the matter. During the trial Nadzieya said that she burned a flag, that symbolizes tyranny.

At the hearing Nadzieya Grachukha did not renounce her views and beliefs. The judge sentenced her to a fine of 22,000 BYR (about $15).

In January 2001 Nadzieya Grachukha together with Ales Abramovich, Alesia Jasiuk, Zmicer Barodka and Mikalaj Kuznitsov were arrested and charged with defamation for verbal abuse of the president’s honour and dignity during the course of a 30-minute demonstration in Borisov. They demanded to carry out the expertise in order to examine medical and mental health of Aliaksandr Lukashenko.

On 10 May 2001 the case against Nadzieya Grachukha, Ales Abramovich and Alesia Jasiuk was closed due to lack of features of a criminal offence. They were tried for an administrative offense.


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