Maria Kalesnikava

Maria Kolesnikova was born on April 24, 1982 in Minsk. She graduated from the Belarusian State Music Academy with a degree in flutist and conductor, from the age of 17 she taught flute at the gymnasium in Minsk. She played the flute at the Opera House, the National Academic Concert Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus under the baton of Mikhail Finberg, the Presidential Orchestra of Belarus. In 2007 she moved to Germany, studied at the Higher School of Music in Stuttgart at the faculties of early and modern music. active concert activity and organization of international cultural projects in Germany and Belarus. She lived in Germany for 12 years (from 2007 to 2019), was in Belarus only by road. In 2017, she was one of the founders of the creative association Artemp, which held various events in the field of contemporary art, and is the art director of the Ok16 cultural center. elections in 2020 July 16 Chiefs of the General Staff Viktor Babarika (Maria Kolesnikova), Valery Tsepkalo (Veronika Tsepkalo) and Svetlana Tikhonovskaya announced the unification.

Chronicle of repression

On the evening of August 8, 2020, Maria Kolesnikova was detained by the police, but she was released a few minutes later. Kolesnikova took an active part in numerous rallies in Belarus, she also appealed to factory workers, officials, diplomats, law enforcement agencies and television workers and invited them to join the protests. On August 18, she became a member of the Coordinating Council for organizing the process of overcoming the political crisis and on August 19, she was elected to its presidium. On August 31, Kolesnikova announced the creation of the Razam political party. On September 7, Maria Kolesnikova was abducted by unknown persons in the center of Minsk. On the morning of September 8, information appeared that she was forcibly deported from Belarus to Ukraine, but she tore her passport and was again detained at the border with Ukraine. At the same time, information appeared in the Belarusian state media that Kravtsov and Radnyakov “fled abroad that night,” and Kolesnikova was detained. Maria Kolesnikova is a suspect in a criminal case under Part 3 of Art. 361 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Public calls for the seizure of state power or forcible change of the constitutional order of the Republic of Belarus). On September 12, she was transferred from the pre-trial detention center in Minsk to the temporary detention center in the city of Zhodino. On September 16, the Investigative Committee of Belarus brought charges against Kolesnikova under Part 3 of Art. 361 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (calls for actions aimed at causing damage to national security, using the media and the Internet). The article provides for a punishment of imprisonment for a term of 2 to 5 years. Maria Kolesnikova has been recognized as a political prisoner by the human rights community.

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