The case of Belarus anarchists. Person(s) involved:

1. Aliaksandr Frantskievich

Born on 6 May 1990 in Novopolotsk. After graduating high school he worked as an IT programmer. Later he moved to Minsk, where he began to work. He was interested in the history of political parties. In his hometown he joined the anti-fascist movement, in Minsk he  became friends with anarchists, with whom he shared […]

2. Ihar Alinevich

Ihar Alinevich was born on 24 September 1984. He graduated from the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, earning an engineering degree in electronics. He was involved in the work on the construction of Russian-Belarusian satellite. During his studies he took a year off to work on a cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea. […]

3. Mikalay Dziadok

Mikalay Dziadok was born on 23 August 1988 in Bragin. He graduated from law at the Belarusian State University. He worked at a collection agency. At the time of arrest he was a sophomore of Political Science and European Research Studies at the European Humanities University. After the arrest in September 2010, Mikalay Dziadok was […]