Case of Kajdov, Laviejkin and Blizniecov. Person(s) involved:

1. Aleh Kajdov

Aleh Kajdov – a resident of a military settlement Borovucha in Polotsk (Vitebsk District). He has never participated in any political movement and neither was member of a political party. He studied at the State University of Polotsk.

2. Anatol Blizniecov

Resident of Polotsk, in the district of Vitebsk. One of the three accused in a criminal trial, in 1999 in Polotsk, for removing state flags.

3. Siarhiej Laviejkin

A professional soldier, sergeant. A resident of a military settlment in Polotsk, Vitebsk district. Discharged from the service after a series of detentions by the police in 1998-1999 for removing  state flag from official buildings of the city of Polotsk.