Lawyer: Political prisoner Parfiankou thin and pale, held in solitary confinement

Volha Bezbarodkina, the counsel of political prisoner Vasil Parfiankou, visited him in the Horki penal colony, Radio Liberty’s Belarus service said. Before that, there was no news from the prisoner for two months. During the meeting, the lawyer agreed on the text of a supervisory appeal against the sentence and learned about Vasil Parfinakou’s detention conditions.

“He does not know why there were no letters from him. He wrote to Pavel Seviarynets, Volha Mikalaichyk, some friends, and he cannot explain why the letters did not reach them. He is held in a PKT, a cell-type premises for four people, but he is kept there alone. He thinks that’s done so that no one met him and had seditious talks. He is very pale and thin. This is how he has been treated since February, when he arrived in the colony in Horki. He has been thrown in the cooler, the PKT, but recently he is stuck in the PKT. They have punished him over trifles: received clothes, but did not have time to sew the tag, or took food stuffs from the nightstand at the wrong time. Actually they have made ​​him a malicious violator of prison rules and they treat him accordingly. But Vasil does not lose courage, he remains optimistic. He says he reads a lot, has possibilities to do sports, preparing for release.”

Vasil Parfiankou is expected to be released in early December. The political prisoner was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment under strict regime for violating the rules of preventive supervision. This supervision was established after several arrests for actions of solidarity with political prisoners. Before that, Vasil Parfiankou was sentenced to four years in prison for participating in a protest rally against rigged presidential elections of December 19, 2010. He served several months in prison in Orsha, and was eventually released through pardon.


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