Vincent: Young people do not see Any prospects in Belarus

Young people are the  most progressive unit in every socjety. Balarusian youth is no different. However, the  biggest pressure from Lukashenko’s regime part  is put exactly on this progressive part of the society. How can you prevent it – a young Belarusian artist, musician Vincent answers the questions of

Vincent: Indeed, public authorities resort to multiple measures, among others army, police, or even health service. And unfortunately this is not the end of the list.

Is it easier to break the young or different social groups?  How one can oppose pressure?

Vincent: First of all, we cannot forget about the fact that youth is very different. All people in general are completely different. I met many valuable people, who seemed not so easy to be broken. When someone does not want to cooperate in this or that way, they simply refuse to do that. I had the opportunity to see with my own eyes such young people who did not even know how many districts we have in our country. They were asked: what is bigger the Sun or the Earth? How many province cities are there in Belarus? They were asked to enumerate them. And those people did not know the answers to those questions. That’s not all, when they listened to the Belarusian language they could not identify it. Therefore, when someone has the knowledge and is still developing intellectually it is very hard to break them. Generally speaking military men should not differ in intelligence, which does not mean that among soldiers or officers there are few educated people.

According to data presented by IISEPS more than 60% of young people want to leave our country. Is it the result of the pressure?

Vincent: In my opinion, the main reason for this phenomenon is the lack of prospects for young people. To be precise, they do not see any prospects in front of them. I know many people who really want to go to the West. They do go also to the East. I cannot call myself an expert, but I assume that people do not have the motivation. There is no system that enables you to think that you have got the suitable work, you achieve success, or to be sure that you will get a reward or  compensation. Young people do not see the opportunities for finding a decent job and at the same time for self-fulfilment.

-Is the incentive for Belarusian youth may be  the awareness that working in the country will lead to changes? Are young people able to be active despite the pressure from the part of the authorities, but for the future? Is it easier to leave?

Vincent: It seems to me that the problem of migration is not only a problem existing in Belarus. Wherever I go, in every country that I  would visit – everywhere the youth wants to go somewhere. There are countries that have literally recently joined the European Union. In these countries, young people want to go first and foremost to the British Isles or the United States. So it is not just our problem. These people who want to fulfil themselves  and influence the development of the country are not numerous. It is visible in virtually every country in the world. I would say that this is reflected in the proportion of 20 to 80. The 20 percent of people are ready to sacrifice a lot and act in the name of the future, and 80 – unfortunately not.


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