Aliaksandr Molczanau took a job in Borisov

Aliaksandr Molczanau tried to move to Minsk to find a job, but to do this he would have to get a permission from the militia, because he is under preventive supervision.

– I did not get any response from the militia so I have found job in Borisov. I work for a small salary in one of factories. But it is better to work for pennies, rather than be without money. I am waiting for the end of the surveillance period, then maybe I’ll try again to move to Minsk, or I’ll look for more profitable work in Borisov – said Molchanau.

The date of prophylactic surveillance over Aliaksandr Molczanau expires in January next year, however, a former political prisoner does not preclude that its extention.

In 2011, Aliaksandr  Molczanau was sentenced to four years imprisonment for participating in a protest rally on 19 December 2010. After a few months, he was pardoned and released from prison. In 2012, a former political prisoner again found himself in a penal colony, he was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for stealing scrap metal. This summer, Aliaksandr Molczanau was released from a penal colony in Nowosady.

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