Artiom Prakapienka refused to write a request for clemency

Parents of political prisoner Artiom Prakapienka visited their son in the penal colony. They were allowed to have a two hours conversation on the phone, separated by a glass partition.

Violetta Prakapienka, Artiom’s mother, told to Radio Racyja:

– When he came to the meeting, I immediately told to him, “Artiom, you look older!​​” Previously, there was not a single wrinkle on his face, and now he has many. He looks bad. It’s hard to see how a man is broken in prison. We drove to the meeting and we thought whether to persuade him to write a request for a pardon or not, because without it, he will not be released. However, he flatly refused – said Mrs. Prakapienka.

Artiom Prakapienka, Jauhien Vaskovich and Pavel Syramolatau were sentenced to seven years in prison for attempted arson of the KGB building in Bobruisk. Artiom serves sentence in Mahilou prison.


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