Jauhien Vaskovich was allowed to meet his mother only once in a year

Jauhien Vaskovich is not allowed to meet his mother until January next year.

The political prisoner, who serves his term in the Mahilou prison, has the right for a short-term meeting with his relatives once a year. His mother, Rushania Vaskovich, talked with her son on the phone recently, Radio Svaboda reports.

-He called in October. He also sent birthday greetings and congratulated on Mother’s Day. He was in a good mood. A lawyer visited him. He is okay now – she says.

Jauhien Vaskovich was imprisoned in 2011 for an attack on the KGB office in Babruisk. He was thrown into a punishment cell several times. The political prisoner was transferred from a correctional colony to a prison in Mahilou for violating prison rules. Jauhien Vaskovich will have served only 3 years of his prison term by January 2014.


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