Political prisoner Lobau became a co-chairman of the Young Front

The Young Front organization will have four co-chairmen.

Former political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich remained one of the leaders of the Young Front despite announcing earlier his plans to quit the organization. The organization’s convention took place on Saturday.

Eduard Lobau, who is currently held in prison on what is widely viewed as a politically motivated charge, and Andrey Tsyanyuta were elected chairmen. The fourth position is expected to be filled as a result of another convention that the Young Front plans to hold before the end of this year.

Speaking about why he had changed his mind and remained a leading member of the Young Front, Mr. Dashkevich pointed to infighting in the organization. At the same time, he said, the Young Front members have no strategic differences. “Well, we have some minor disagreements. I believe it will benefit democracy within the organization,” he said.

Mr.Dashkevich promised to do his “utmost” to revive the organization. “I will tour entire Belarus despite any bans, I will hold events despite any preventive supervision rules,” he said.

Mr. Dashkevich is under “preventive militia supervision” after the completion of his prison term and release on 28 August. The supervision term will expire in February.


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