Autukhovich: The heavier the ordeal, the more hardened the will

Was Mikola Autukhovich punished for his relation about the tragic conditions in Belarusian prisons? Friends of the political prisoner received another letters from him.

In a recent letter political prisoner Mikola Autukhovich did not inform whether the Grodno prison administration has responded to his letter concerning shameful conditions in solitary confinement cells, penal colonies and prisons in Belarus. Letter from Autukhovich, who in recent days received Inessa Jachitel, the human rights activist, is dated October 15. On this day, in the media appeared Mikola Autukhovich’s letter  describing conditions in Belarusian prisons. Inessa Jachitel was afraid that because of this letter the authorities may punish Autukhovich again.

-He does not write anything about that. However, he wrote about his health situation. That operation was set too fast, that doctors have doubts about whether it will be successful. He asks to send medicines, including antibiotics. However, I was surprised by the last sentence of his letter – said Inessa Jachitel and cites a passage from the letter she received from Autukhovich:

Do not worry about me and that you can cause me trubles. This is life. We cannot escape fate. Knowing my rules, saying that is the most suitable for me. The heavier the ordeal, the more hardened will. You should not worry about me

A week ago, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan Alexander Komarowski, also received a letter from Mikola Autukhovich, in which he wrote that if something bad happens to him, it will be the fault of the authorities. And that he will not beg them for mercy, because he is not guilty of anything. And the fact that they exert pressure on him and will continue to do that, is obvious.

Mikola Autukhovich is an entrepreneur from Volkovysk, he was sentenced to five years and two months in prison for illegal possession of ammunition. Political prisoner pleaded not guilty and explained that a criminal investigation is a retaliation for the fight against local corruption. He serves the sentence in the prison in Grodno.


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