Provocations against Statkiewicz do not stop

On Saturday, 24th August a political prisoner  Mykoła Statkiewicz  could call to his relatives from a prison.

“It was a planned and only available phone call per month, that was waiting for it since the beginning of August. “It has been more than 1.5 month since the last call” said Maria Adamowicz, the wife of political prisoner. “After the news in the middle of the month revealing the health of Mykolow, lack of phone calls was very stressful… But he is strong, self confident and does not complain.”

Birthday wishes started to arrive. Mykola asked to send thanks to everyone, who had sent them and to say that even if letters did not reach him he knows what was written there and he is very grateful to all people who try to support them.”

Mykola Statkiewicz also stated that attempts to put pressure on him started last week. He does not exclude the possibility that they are trying to provoke his actions that would enable them to use new sanctions.

Earlier, while reacting to similar attempts, Statkiewicz offered to the administration of the colony that they should not waste energy for inventing various kinds of insubordination, and immediately send him to seclusion cell.

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