Supreme court dismissed the plaint of the cassation appeal of Andrej Hajdukov

The Supreme court processed a cassation appeal of Andrej Hajukow and left the verdict unchanged.

On 1st July, during a closed door hearing, Hajdukov was found guilty of attempt to contact foreign intelligence with no sign of treason.

Persecution with the use of criminal proceedings against Andrej Hajdukov started at the beginning of November 2012, when officers of State Security Committee arrested him and placed in detention under remand. On November 13th, 2013, State Security Committee disseminated information on stopping unlawful activity of a citizen of the republic of Belarus, who was dealing with collecting and transferring of economic and political information by order of foreign intelligence. Proceedings were commenced pursuant to Art. 356 par. 1 of Penal Code of the Republic of Belarus (treason of the state in form of agency activity). The act was reclassified during proceedings to Art. 356-1 and Art.14 par. 1 of Penal Code.

Before he was arrested Andrej Hajdukov was working in a refinery Naftan in Novapolack and on November, 8th 2012 he was arrested by KGB under the charge of collecting and transferring of information for foreign intelligence and treason of the state.

Human rights defenders think that sentencing Hajdukov is unjustified and is of political character because is generally based on raising status level and KGB part in the country, by the use of unacceptable means in a democratic society. Whereas, the imprisonment was conducted with no respect for the right to a fair trial and other right and liberties guaranteed by International Covenant on Civil Rights, while the imprisonment has a character overtly disproportionate (inaccurate) to the act he was accused of.



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