The members of the Young Front call to give Daszkiewicz a welcome on 28th August in Grodno.

“Dzmitrij Daszkiewicz spent 986 days in prison, most of the time in single cells. – Recall the friends of the political prisoner. – We can not even imagine what he went through in that time. However, we know the value of the solidarity”.”Let’s intend a day of our time to show Dzmitrij that 3 years of his imprisonment did not go to waste. – The activists write. – During that period of time he became an example for many people. Scores of them will come at night on 28th August near the prison gate in order to welcome the leader of the Young Front”.

The friends of Daszkiewicz suggest organising a group’s drive from Minsk. An optimal variant that was suggested is the train at 4:17 pm that arrives in Grodno at 7.20 pm. There are an evening trip and a supper in plans. For the release we will have to wait at the prison. Dzmitrij can be set free at any moment, that’s why, we will have to wait from the very morning.

His friends recommend an earlier tickets’ buy. People who will drive their own cars and have free seats are asked to come at the railway station. Likewise, people who did not manage to buy tickets. We suggest a meeting at 3 pm.

With any questions call Iwan Szyla on 025-673-22-79 or email:

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