Paweł Sewiaryniec:Changes in Belarus should occur soon

In two months time the sentence of co-chairman of BchD Pawel Sewiaryniec will end. Politician is serving a sentence for Płoszcza-2010 in the command of a special in the village Kuplin,in Pruzanski area.

Pawel told, that during his ‘chemistry’ (kind of  arrest of more relaxed stringency) he  received almost two thousands letters, and through that correspondence made ​​many new friends .

– Pawel Sewiaryniec: No matter what, I think my time at the “chemistry” I was able to spend fairly creatively.

 -Pawel, Dzmitrij Daszkiewicz will be  released soon. Even during his incarceration the preventive supervision was established on  him. Does he expect any limitations on him as well?

-Pawel Sewiaryniec: I studied in the Penal Code articles that regulate the preventive supervision. And the law clearly states that this provision shall not apply to persons serving a sentence in the “chemistry”. This limitation is often used for people released from prison.  In our regime, I’m not even sure if in these two months I will be released free, and secondly, I’m not sure if something new has not come up with . The law in our country reminds a shaft and we perfectly know that .Well, and thirdly output to freedom in our conditions is an output for a limited freedom number two.The whole country lives under such conditions.

-Earlier the phrase “a former political prisoner” was often used .Recently the situation has changed greatly and today this phrase is out of date. What do you think, what caused such changes in the country?

-Paweł Sewiaryniec: Indeed, these changes were included in the fact, that authorities have ceased to look for any creative ways  and still the same people are suspected and cause with their attitude and activities negative reactions of authorities, that are trying to break  these people or silence them in all ways. The example is Jaromienak, Parfiankou…And it is completely natural logic of the development of the dictatorship regime. It grows out of the intrinsically sinful human nature: the desire for unlimited power. If this desire is not trying to be hold back with our own effort or with a society help then such results are achieved : taking of hostages, turning the screws, intimidate the public.

 -This logic, however, demonstrates that the authorities are losing more and more of this logic. It is difficult to make sense to stop a priest Vladimir Lazar or Andrej Hajdukow’s  accusation.

-Paweł Sewiaryniec: I have to clarify here that we’re talking about the logic of the development of evil. Mania, suspicion – they are all unbreakable features of dictatorship.People who think in these categories will find here their place in the top positions and will make decisions.In the end, however, the country comes to the point where dictatorship simply fall apart.In both humans and God, there is a limit of patience. A drop that overflows the bowl. And this we will watch  in our country too.

 -What could be the drop for the Belarussians?

– Paweł Sewiaryniec: In fact, the Belarusians are patient, but if it comes to the border, it is best to whisk off… We saw this in the 90’s, when patience was running out.There were also other examples of courage or dedication. And that was a fact.Belarusians performed especially with the demands in the field of economics. It is possible that Belarusians protest was not so bright  as with Ukrainians and Poles. But we will do it in Belarusian way and we will for sure. But when that is gonna happen depends only on us. On that how each of us will perform their part,that which depends on him. I am convinced that the situation in the country will change quickly.Even in the coming months.Times have changed and there is no point in wasting decades for changes.

 – Pawel how about an issue of prison conditions. With modest reports of prisoners we learn that the prisoners are constantly under pressure, tortures are used. How did the ‘chemistry’ supervisors treat you?

– Pawel Sewiaryniec: There is a number of limitations at the ‘chemistry’. First of all, you  are not allowed to move freely.Without the permission of the head you are not even allowed to go 50 steps.There are also time constraints. Forced Labor. Work day is a minimum of eight hours. Whereas in the command office there is ongoing review of the Belarusian television programs. Many controls. But it is not a prison. Mobile phones are allowed, meetings with friends or colleagues are not prohibited. There is also free time. Compared to the conditions in which Mykola Statkevich, Ales Bialacki and other political prisoners were found it is much easier here. When it comes to the relations with the administration it was all quiet. Everyone understood that if they will exert an open pressure this information would go straight to the internet and people would find out about that. None of the heads of the police want to be the person that no one shake hands with even in their hometown. The situation in prisons is much more difficult, because the information does not come from there. There, this principle works, which integrates tightly penitentiary structure of the country.

 – And how helpful can be a threat to the country’s future vetting? Today, when we have a large number of political prisoners we also have a chance to learn about those, who participated in the torture of prisoners of conscience. What fate awaits them?

-Pawel Sewiaryniec: My opinion and position of the BChD is quite simple: everything should be in accordance with the law. If certain individuals have broken the law, they should answer for it in accordance with the law including international conventions. However, we should avoid a collective vengeance. There is no need to carry out mass vetting of persons holding positions in administration. In the end, most officials are  primarily responsible for business decisions. In fact, those who broke the law of persons and society, struck at the base of independence, those should first of all be in charge for that. Or let them flee and hide the rest of their life in different countries.First of all, if the law has been broken, you must answer for it.


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