Ales Bialiatski allowed short meeting with family

The imprisoned leader of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” Ales Bialiatski was visited on 21 August by his wife Natalia Pinchuk and sister Volha in the Babruisk-based penal colony No. 2.

This is the first such visit in a year. Previously, a political prisoner was deprived of both short and long-term meeting with his family, as well as of the right to receive food parcels, it  was a punishment for breaking the prison rules.

On 21 August  I had a brief meeting with Ales – barely two hours. This is a scheduled event. Ales has the right to receive parcels and to be visited. His own brother, Uladzimir, came to visit him. He is from Nizhnevartovsk. Unfortunately, the rules of the colony allow for visits of only two members of the family – said Natalia Pinchuk to Radio Racyja.

Therefore, in a meeting, in addition to Natalia Pinchuk, participated Ales Bialiatski’s sister, Volha.

Natalia Pinchuk until the last minute assumed that the administration of the penal colony may cancel the meeting as it had happened before. But they finally allowed for it. The two-hour meeting was the first visit allowed to Ales Bialiatski’s relatives since December 2012.

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