Uladzimir Jaromienak: I plead not guilty

On 20 August, Uladzimir Jaromienak, activist of the Young Front opposition movement and former political prisoner, was sentenced to three months of arrest on charges of violating preventive supervision restrictions. 

Half an hour before the trial, in front of the courthouse, gathered a group of youth supporting Uladzimir Jaromienak. With moral support came primarily members of the Young Front with Nasta Dashkievich at the helm. Soon they were joined by Paval Vinogradau, Mikalai Pashkievich, Andrej Dzmitrijeu, Julia Stepanov. “And where are politicians?” – jokingly asked Vinogradau. “Here are politicians!” – somebody answered.At the court then appeared one of the politician of the older generation, chairman of UCP (United Civic Party) Anatol Liabedzka. “And where is police? – Still asked Paval Vinogradau. Police, however, was absent but instead appeared two or three police officers rushing to the court in their cases.

Uladzimir Jaromienak  was calm, he was answering journalists’ questions confidently. According to the activist, the members of his family, especially his wife is really emotional about his future arrest, much more than himself. “In contrast to them, I was in prison and I know what awaits me there,” – says Jaromienak. The wife of the political prisoner, Valentina, was present at the trial.

Similarly, calmly and in quiet voice, the man said he rather expected half-year sentence because this kind of punishment  recently received all those political prisoners who ” violate preventive supervision restrictions .”

According to the law, Uladzimir Jaromienak has the right to appeal against the judgment within 10 days, what he is indeed going to do. “I plead not guilty,” – said in an interview Jaromienak to the correspondent of palitviazni.info – “I am absolutely going to complain against the judgment.”

At the same time, Uladzimir admitted that “He feels good, because he is preparing for the worst.” Sentence turned out to be milder than expected, but the Judge Leanid Jarmolenkau in his judgment upheld guilt of the accused.

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