Mikola Statkievich fainted in a prison cell

The political prisoner’s wife Maryna Adamovich reported of the incident. Maryna Adamovich informed on her Facebook account that the political prisoner Mikola Statkievich was given unknown medications at the prison’s medical unit, which led to his feeling sick.

– Mikola was forced  to go to the medical unit on Saturday, where they ‘found’ he had high blood pressure (Statkievich’s pressure is normally so good that they check tonometers on him). After the “medical assistance” had been provided, he started feeling worse. The next day he fainted, but they did not rush to help him and lingered for 20 minutes, although the cell-mate kept knocking on the door all the time.

The next day his letter to me was confiscated… Why? Maybe they wanted to delay the spread of the news about this incident? Or maybe they were planning something else?  – said Ms Adamovich.


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