Maryna Adamovich: The most important request to the authorities is the rehabilitation of political prisoners

Rehabilitation of political prisoners should remain a basic demand from the authorities of Belarus – says Maryna Adamovich, wife of political prisoner and former presidential candidate Mikola Statkevich.

Maryna Adamovich cites the fragment of Mikola Statkevich’s  letter sent from Mahilou prison, in which he is serving his sentence:

– Personally, I’m worried about what’s going on around the issue of political prisoners. Human rights activists have proposed to stop requiring rehabilitation of political prisoners. They asked via Facebook to support this position. However, my answer  was not notified and have no influence over the condition of those concerned.

According to Maryna Adamovich, Mikola Statkevich believes that regardless of the situation, the possibilities and reality of the present, the most important demand is rehabilitation of all victims of political judgments in Belarus. And we must not under any circumstances resign from this demand.

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