Pavel Vinogradov had to explain to the police, where he was on 27 of July

On 2 August, the transport police took explanations from the former political prisoner Pavel Vinogradov  concerning the placement of the national flag on an electric train for Minsk. The activist wrote about it on his Facebook account.– I was summoned to the transport police station, because of  the images that appeared on social networks. I had a feeling that it might concern a flag and the train. Additionally, something told me that I would have to take to the station some of my belongings – opposition activist writes on his Facebook page on the eve of a visit to the station.

Pavel is a leader of Zmieny – the youth movement of Speak the Truth campaign. The organization has become known for its witty and non-standard forms of protest against the violation of civil liberties in the country.

However, this time the bag with personal belongings was not necessary as Pavel was not detained. -They took my explanations concerning the placement of the white-red-white flag on the train and let me go. But I believe, that soon I can be punished for a refusal to testify, as I refused to tell which friend sent me the photos I posted on my account – commented Mr. Vinogradov.

The case relates to pictures from action of anonymous activists of Zmiena, that was  carried out on the former day of the  Independence of the Republic of Belarus – on 27 July. On this day to the train  Minsk – Maladechno  was attached  four-meter long  national flag of Belarus. The white-red-white flag was banned by the authorities in Belarus, and became a symbol of the fight against dictatorship. According to Pavel Vinogradov, on 27 July, 2013, he was in Minsk. The pictures published in the social  media aroused police.  In pictures unknown assailants mount the flag to the body of the train.

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