Mikalay Autukhovich supports his countrymen from a prison

Mikalay Autukhovich, a political prisoner, who serves his prison sentence in Hrodno correspond s with his compatriots, residents of  Wolkowysk. Few of them give him their words of support in their letters. Yet, despite imprisonment, Mikalay Autukhovich is strong enough to support his new friends, whom he had met through correspondence.

Alexander Sezen, Wolkowysk social activist:

-In his letters he writes about freedom, and human rights. He writes, for example: “History shows that every crime eventually faces punishment. Even from here I see, or rather, I know, that people of Belarus break the silence and open their eyes. This means that the system of oppression fails, the system which attempts to reconstruct a copy of the Soviet Union is doomed to failure. People have had enough! Currently, in order to prevent disorder, you should listen to the opinions of the people, as is required by the structure of the democratic state, how after all our country calls  itself. ”

Mikalay Autukhovich is one of twelve political prisoners serving their sentences in prisons in Belarus. He was sentenced to five years and two months imprisonment in a maximum security facility without confiscation of property.


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